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Green Revolution Yellow Sticky Trap + Blue Sticky Trap (22x28 Cm)
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Green Revolution Yellow Sticky Trap + Blue Sticky Trap 22x28 Cm.

Descriptions -
1. Green Revolution sticky traps are an advanced method for monitoring and controlling many insects.
2. In this study, the impact of yellow sticky traps on the population dynamics of the whitefly, determined in the greenhouse and field.
3. In the greenhouse, yellow sticky traps significantly suppressed the population increase of adult and immature whiteflies.

Target Pest - Whitefly, Leaf miner, Aphid, Cabbage root fly, Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetles, Thrips, Tea mesquites, leafhoppers, brown planthopper, Fruit Fly, Moth, and Other Flying Insects.

Crops - Vegetable and Flowers.
Size - 22x28 cm.
Qty - 1 Set (10 yellow nos & 10 blue nos)
1 Set (20 yellow nos & 5 blue nos).

How to use -
1. Simply hang above your crop at regular intervals and count insect catch regularly to determine population size and source of the problem.
2. Monitors and detects the insects in the field.
3. Attracts all flying insects which damage the crops.
4. Non-Toxic.

Product Color - Yellow & Blue.

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