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Dhanuka Dhanzyme Gold
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Dhanuka Dhanzyme Gold Liquid , Plant Growth Regulator, Provides Uxygen, Cytokinin, hydrolyzed protein to Plants

Dose - 250 ml/acre

Mode of Application - spray

Dhanzyme Gold (dhanjaim gold) (Biologically Derived Organic Manure) is an organic manure derived biologically from sea grass. Dhanzyme Gold contains essential elements for healthy plant growth. e.g., oxygen, cytokinin, hydrolyzed protein complexes, enzymes, gibberellin, amino acids, and a variety of other minerals that increase crop yields and quantity.

Mode of action
Dhanzyme Gold (dhanjaim gold) is used as a foliar spray on plant leaves. It is absorbed by the plant's translocation and transportation system via the leaves. Dhanzyme Gold contains hydrolyzed protein complexes and enzymes in active forms, which, after absorption in plants, act as follows: Hydrolyzed Proteins Complexes: These are essential constituents of the structure of proteins in living systems. They play an important and immense role in the development of plant cells. Enzymes are bio-catalysts that catalyze and accelerate (start and accelerate) biochemical reactions in living cells, increasing plant photosynthesis. Enzymes convert complex protein, fat, and sugar particles into simple particles, which are easily absorbed by the plant cells.

Dhanzyme Gold (dhanjaim gold) It has a number of benefits

➜ Increases the growth and development of healthy roots in plants, which absorb essential nutrients and moisture from the soil and make the plants strong.
➜ Increases the plant's photosynthetic activity.
➜ Increases the strength of plants to face adverse weather conditions.
➜ Develops resistance against pests and diseases.
➜ Completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment.
➜ Increases the quality and yield of crops.
➜ Increases profits at a low cost of investment.

Crop - Paddy, Wheat, SugarCane, Vegetable Crops, Soyabean, Potato, Groundnut, Cotton

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suyog jadhav
लवकर मिलाल

खुप छान स्वस्त अणि लवकर भेटल
असाच सम्पर्क मधे रावा

Durgaprasad Kewte
Good Result

Good result for All crop and Vegetable crop

sayyad shaikh

product Quality best

हनुमंत आपटे

मला प्रॉडक्ट वेळेवरती घरी भेटले ... मी खूप ठिकाणी जाऊन हे औषध बघितले पण किंमत जास्त होती इथे स्वस्त आणि घरपोच ऑर्डर आल्यामुळे माझ्या पिकासाठी उत्तम नियोपजन झाले.धन्यवाद भारतअग्री.

Good Results

Dhanuka Dhanzyme is good
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