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Green Revolution Premium Blue Sticky Trap 25x33 cm
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Green Revolution Premium Blue Sticky Trap 25x33 cm (25 nos of each).

Description -
1. Blue sticky traps are a non toxic way to control and monitor thrips.
2. These pests are attracted by the unique blue color and stick to the non-drying glue coating the trap.

Target Pest - Thrips.
Crops - Vegetable and Flowers
Size - 25x33 cm.

How to use the blue sticky traps -
1. With regards to tall crops such as cucumber, tomato and pepper, position the traps just above the top of the plant and adjust while the plants grow.
2. When it comes to crops with a low canopy, support the traps by canes or wire holders and install them maximum 30 cm above the crop.
3. The traps must be placed in areas where the risk of pest infestation is high, e.g at doors, gable ends and lateral ventilation openings.

Advantages of using this Product -
1. The insect can be attractive from a long distance.
2. High tack adhesive layer.
3. Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.
4. The glue is non-toxic and does not dry fast.
5. It is easy to install in the field.
6. They are user ECO friendly.

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