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Ajay Bio-Tech AGRONEEM 3000 PPM Pesticide
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Ajay Bio-Tech AGRONEEM 3000 PPM Pesticide

Description -
1. AGRONEEM is neem seed kernel EC formulation modern insecticide based on herbal extractof Neem i.e. Azadirachta indica.
2. Azadirachtin is a very complex Tetranortriterpenoid, which displays an array of effect on insects & thus protecting plants from prospective attacks.

Method of application - Spraying.
Dose - 1-1.5 ml per litre of water.

Benefits -
1. Anti-feedent and repellent effect.
2. It has an egg deterrent effect.
3. It disrupts the growth and development of insects.
4. Wide variety of insect pests in the orders of fruit borer, shoot borer, larval pests and sucking pests such as thrips, white fly, Aphids etc. are controlled by the use of Agroneem.

Recommended Crops - Cereals, Pluses, Grains, Fruit Crops, Flowering Crops, Green House Plantations, Orchards, Vegetable Crops and Ornamental Plants..

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