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Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%)

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Shriram 0 0 50 fertilizer is a water-soluble formula comprising 50% potassium oxide (K2O) and 17.5% sulphur, providing essential nutrients for plant growth. It enhances fruit and vegetable quality through potassium and reinforces plant structure with sulphur, promoting overall health and productivity.

Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%)

✅ Short Description About Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%)

Here, you can find information about Shriram 0 0 50 fertilizer in short.

Product Name

0 0 50 

Product Content

Potassium 50% and Sulphur 17.5%


Shriram Fertilizer


Water Soluble Fertilizer 

Mode of Action



All Crops


5 gm/litre. 

75 gm/Pump (15 litre pump)

750 gm/Acre Spray.

2-3 kg/Acre Drip.

✅Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%) Description

Shriram 0 0 50 fertilizer is a water-soluble plant nutrient with a composition of 50% potassium oxide (K2O) and 17.5% sulphur. This fertilizer serves as a valuable supplier of potassium and sulphur, crucial elements for optimal plant development. Potassium plays a vital role in enhancing the overall quality of fruits and vegetables, contributing to better yields. Simultaneously, sulphur aids in fortifying the plant's structural components, particularly the stems and leaves, promoting robust growth and resilience.

✅ Shriram SOP Fertilizer content/Ingredients/ Chemical Composition 

Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%) comprises a precise blend of essential nutrients, featuring 50% potassium oxide (K2O) and 17.5% sulphur, fostering robust plant growth and enhancing nutrient balance for optimal agricultural productivity.

✅ Features & Benefits of Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%)

Here are some shriram sop fertilizer benefits and features.

  • Balanced Nutrient Composition: Shriram SOP Fertilizer is formulated with a balanced nutrient composition of NPK 0 0 50 potassium sulphate, providing essential elements for plant growth.
  • Water-Soluble Formula: The fertilizer is water-soluble, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption by plants, promoting rapid and sustained growth.
  • Fine Particle Size: Shriram SOP Fertilizer features a fine particle size, allowing for easy application and quick assimilation by the soil.
  • Low Chloride Content: The low chloride content in the fertilizer minimizes the risk of soil salinity, supporting healthier plant growth.
  • Improved Yield Quality: Shriram SOP Fertilizer enhances crop yield quality by promoting stronger root development, better flowering, and fruit formation, resulting in higher-quality produce.
  • Enhanced Crop Quality: The Sulphur-rich formula contributes to improved crop quality, with benefits such as enhanced color, taste, and nutritional value.
  • Suitable for Various Crops: Shriram SOP Fertilizer is versatile and suitable for a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, cereals, and cash crops, providing comprehensive nutrient support across different agricultural contexts.
  • Quick and Visible Results: The fine particle size and water-soluble formula result in rapid nutrient absorption, leading to quick and visible improvements in plant health and vitality.

✅ Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%) Uses & Dosage

Here are the Shriram 0 0 50 fertilizer uses and for various crops. 

Crops Name

Purpose / Uses 

Dose / Acre

All Crops 

To Increase size, weight and colour of the fruits.

  • 5 gm/litre. 
  • 75 gm/Pump (15 litre pump)
  • 750 gm/Acre Spray.
  • 2-3 kg/Acre Drip.

✅ Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%) Mode of Action 

  • Shriram SOP Fertilizer, with NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%, enhances plant growth and development by providing essential nutrients, promoting robust fruiting through balanced nutrition and sulfur enrichment. 

  • Its unique mode of action ensures optimal crop yield and quality.

✅ How to Use Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%)

  1. Dosage Guidelines: Use the suggested amount of Shriram SOP fertilizer depending on the crop type and soil conditions.
  2. Chemical Compatibility: Avoid combining agrochemicals containing copper and calcium to prevent adverse reactions.
  3. Timely Application: Apply the Shriram SOP fertilizer during the recommended stage of the plant's growth for optimal results.
  4. Proper Storage: Store the Shriram SOP fertilizer  in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight to maintain its effectiveness.

Also you can watch Video and see Shriram SOP fertilizer uses hindi -  

✅ Shriram SOP Fertilizer (NPK 00:00:50 + Sulphur 17.5%) FAQ’s

Q. Is Shriram SOP fertilizer organic?

A-  No, Shriram SOP fertilizer is not organic; it is a synthetic fertilizer.

Q. What is the composition of Shriram SOP 00:00:50?

A-  Shriram SOP 0 0 50 fertilizer content is potassium (50%), and sulfur (17.5%). 

Q. Is Shriram SOP compatible with other fertilizers?

A-  Yes, Shriram SOP is compatible with other fertilizers, but caution should be taken to avoid mixing it with calcium and copper-based fertilizers.

Q. What crops is Shriram SOP suitable for?

A- Shriram SOP is suitable for all crops

Q. When is the best time to apply Shriram SOP Fertilizer?

A-  The best time to apply Shriram SOP Fertilizer is during the crop's maturity phase.

Q. What is the price of Shriram SOP fertilizer?

A- You can check the sop fertilizer price or 0 0 50 fertilizer 1 kg price on top of this page. 

Q. What is Shriram SOP 0:0:50 fertilizer used for?

A-  Shriram 0 0 50 sulfate of potash fertilizer is used to increase the size, weight, and color of fruits and vegetables.

Q. What is the NPK 0 0 50 dose?

A-  Dose of NPK 0 0 50 is 5 gm per liter for spray.

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