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PI FLUTON Insecticide
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PI FLUTON (Flubendiamide 20% WG) Insecticide, It is active by ingestion against all the stages of caterpillar pests.

Description -
Fluton is a new generation green insecticide, based on the active ingredient flubendiamide from the novel class of insecticide Benzene dicarboxamide.

Technical Content - Flubendiamide 20% WG.
Method of application - Spray.
Dose - Rice: 50 gm/acre, Cotton: 100 gm/acre, Pigeon pea: 100 gm/acre, Cabbage: 25 gm/acre, Tomato: 100 gm/acre.

Mode of action -
1. Fluton has contact action. Ryanodine Receptor Modulator affects the Calcium flow leading to muscle contraction of target pests.
2. It is active by ingestion against all the stages of caterpillar pests.

Benefits -
1. Fluton controls all major caterpillars such as American bollworm, Diamond Back Moth (DBM), pod borer, fruit borer, Tobacco caterpillar, stem borer & rice leaf folder.
2. So there is no need for a tank mix for controlling the different types of caterpillars.
3. Fluton acts on caterpillars through stomach ingestion and by contact action.
4. Fluton has activity against all stages of caterpillars both preventive and curative treatment.

Target Insect - Stem borer, Leaf Folder, American bollworm, Pod borer, Fruit borer, Diamond back moth.

Target crops - Paddy, Cotton, Pigeon pea, Cabbage, Tomato.

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