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Mahadhan (Boron 20% )
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Mahadhan (Boron 20% ) - Di Sodium Octa borate Tetra Hydrate.

Mahadhan Boron (20%) is in partially chelated form and easily available to plants. It is in powder form and is 100% water-soluble. It improves flower and fruit settings and increases the size of the fruit. Tomato, chilli, capsicum, and other fruit crops that require more Boron are highly recommended.
Boron (B) is a micronutrient critical to the growth and health of all crops. It is a component of plant cell walls and reproductive structures. It is a mobile nutrient within the soil, meaning it is prone to movement within the soil. Because it is required in small amounts, it is important to deliver B as evenly as possible across the field. Traditional fertilizer blends containing B struggle to achieve uniform nutrient distribution. Despite the need for this critical nutrient, B is the second most widespread micronutrient deficiency problem worldwide after zinc.

Mahadhan Boron (20%) It has several advantages.

➜ It helps in new cell formation and root development.
➜ It helps in the formation of proteins and amino acids.
➜ Increase the number of flowers and fruits.
➜ It is a completely water-soluble, efficient boron fertilizer.
➜ ensures the growth and high yield of all crops.
➜ Keep plants green and healthy.
➜ It is a micronutrient fertilizer for foliar spray.

Used for tomato, okra, brinjal, chilies, gourds, beans, pomegranate, grapes, citrus, mangoes, cashews, grains, peas, beans, paddy, wheat, soya, cotton, sunflowers, piper mint (Mentha), flowers, etc.

FOR FOLIAR: Dissolve 1 gm of salt per liter of water and spray on both sides of the leaf.
FOR DRIP IRRIGATION: 150 gm per acre through drip irrigation.

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
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