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Geolife Tabsil (FA) Silicone
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Geolife Tabsil (FA) Effervescent Orthosilicic Acid Tablets, Can Be Use With Any Pesticides Or Fungicide, Provide Immunity To Plant.

Geolife Tabsil has the highest 12% Orth silicic acid (silicon) content in India. An innovative product powered by nanotechnology with the highest percentage of Orth silicic acid, which works very effectively on building resistance against diseases, These tablets supply essential silica in the form of Orth silicic acid, which is readily available to the plant. is water-soluble Orth silicic acid, which is easily absorbed by the plant. imparts resistance to diseases and insects. It prevents lodging by strengthening the plant. helps reduce water loss and transpiration. It also improves the plant's resistance to or tolerance of biotic stress, such as insect pests and fungus attacks. It is recommended to spray along with insecticides or fungicides to increase their performance.

Geolife Tabsil has the highest 12% Ortho Silicic Acid (Silicon) content in India. It has several advantages.

➜ Tabsil Foliar Application is a 100% water-soluble silicon nutrient that can be used for foliar application.
➜ Tabsil foliar application plays a very important role in plant growth.
➜ Tabsil Foliar Application can be used in a varied range of crops such as vegetables, flower crops, cereals, pulses, cotton, etc.
➜ Tabsil Foliar Application works excellently on leaf surfaces by enhancing the strength of leaves and improving resistance to sucking pest infestation.
➜ Tabsil foliar application thickens the cell wall of the leaves. increases the photosynthetic activity in plants.
➜ Tabsil Foliar Application, when used with any pesticide or fungicide, increases the efficacy and gives long-term results.
➜ Frequent use of Tabsil FA gives immunity to the plant and hence reduces the chemical sprays, leading to residue-free production.
➜ Tabsil foliar application increases the quality of produce by keeping it healthy.
➜ Tabsil applied to the leaves keeps the plant healthy and resistant to biotic and abiotic stress.
➜ Tabsil foliar application helps to maintain an appropriate internodal distance to increase the plant's maximum bearing ability.

Crops: All Vegetables, Fruits, and Other Crops
Dosage: 1 gm/liter, Drip 500 gm /Acre
Application: Foliar Spray; Soil Application: for drenching or drip irrigation

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
Address: c/o BharatAgri Workflow by OYO, Icon towers, Baner, Pune, MH-411045 Email:

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Durgaprasad Kewte
Good results

Consistent use of Tabsil FA gives immunity to the plant and hence reduces chemical spray leading to residue free production.

prashant jadhav
best product

it is useful in all crops for keeping the plant healthy and tolerant to biotic and abiotic result of this product . Thanks Bharat Agri....

Dhanashri Kharmale

हे प्रॉडक्ट पिकावरील ताण कमी करते आणि पिकाची प्रतिकारशक्ती वाढवते

Satish sonawane

माझा टोमॅटो पिकावर ट्रेस आला होता तेव्हा मी भारत आग्री मधील कृषी डॉक्टरला विचारले .त्यांना मला हे टॅबसील हे प्रॉडक्ट सुचवले आणि मला याचा खूप फायदा झाला .

Wonderful offer

मैने प्याज उपयोग किया हैं इसका पत्तियों के खिंचाव को बढ़ाकर और चूसने वाले कीट संक्रमण के प्रतिरोध में सुधार करके पत्तियों की सतह पर उत्कृष्ट काम करता है धन्यवाद भारत Agri 🌾 🌴🌴

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