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Geolife Tabsil Silicone

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✅ Geolife Tabsil Silicone (Ortho silicic acid 12%)

Enhance plant growth with Tabsil Foliar Application, a water-soluble silicon nutrient. Ideal for various crops including vegetables, flowers, and cereals. Strengthen leaves, resist pests, and boost photosynthesis. Maximize yield and vitality naturally.

✅ Short Description about Geolife Tabsil (FA) Silicone

Here, you can find information about Geolife Tabsil Silicone in short

Product Name Tabsil
Product Content Ortho silicic acid 12 % & Potassium oxide 18%
Brand Geolife
Category Fertilizer
Product Dose 1 gm/litre.
15 gm/Pump (15 litre pump)
150 gm/Acre Spray
500 gm/Acre Drenching or Drip

Geolife Tabsil Silicone (Ortho silicic acid 12%) Description

Tabsil Foliar Application, a water-soluble silicon nutrient, enhances plant growth significantly. Its versatile usage spans across various crops including vegetables, flowers, cereals, and cotton. This application effectively strengthens leaves, combating sucking pest invasions and bolstering leaf surfaces. Additionally, it fosters thicker cell walls and amplifies photosynthetic activity, ensuring robust plant vitality.

✅ Geolife Tabsil Content/Technical Content/ Chemical Composition

Geolife Tabsil contains a chemical composition primarily composed of Ortho silicic acid, with a concentration of 12% and Potassium oxide 18%. This formulation is designed to provide specific benefits for human health and well-being. Its unique blend is crafted to optimize the absorption and utilization of silica, offering potential advantages across various applications.

✅ Features & Benefits of Geolife Tabsil Silicone (Ortho silicic acid 12%)

Here are some Geolife Tabsil benefits and features.

  1. Innovative Nano Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge nano technology for enhanced effectiveness.

  2. Highest Percentage of Ortho Silicic Acid: Contains the highest percentage of Ortho Silicic Acid, boosting plant resistance against diseases.

  3. Readily Available Silica: Provides essential silica in the form of Ortho Silicic Acid, readily available for plant uptake.

  4. Water Soluble Formula: Water soluble Ortho Silicic Acid ensures easy absorption by the plant.

  5. Disease and Insect Resistance: Imparts resistance to diseases and insects, enhancing plant health.

  6. Prevents Lodging: Strengthens plant structure, preventing lodging and promoting upright growth.

  7. Reduces Water Loss: Helps in reducing water loss and transpiration, improving water use efficiency.

  8. Enhanced Stress Tolerance: Boosts the plant's ability to resist biotic stress such as insect pests and fungal attacks.

  9. Complementary with Insecticides/Fungicides: Recommended to be used alongside insecticides/fungicides to increase their performance

Geolife Tabsil Silicone (Ortho silicic acid 12%) Uses & Dosage

Here are the recommended Geolife Tabsil dosage for various crops. Please read Geolife Tabsil uses carefully and apply accordingly:

Crops Name Crop Stage Dose / Acre
All Cereals, Pulses, Vegetable and Fruit crops
Vegetative Stage
Spray - 150 gm
Drench/Drip - 500 gm

Geolife Tabsil Silicone (Ortho silicic acid 12%) Mode of Action

The Geolife Tabsil Silicone enhances plant growth by forming a protective barrier, retaining moisture, and improving nutrient uptake through its unique mode of action in plant physiology. This innovative solution promotes healthier and more resilient plants, contributing to increased yields and sustainability in agriculture.

✅ How to Use Geolife Tabsil Silicone (Ortho silicic acid 12%)

Here are the steps to use Geolife Tabsil Silicone. Please read them carefully and follow the instructions:

  1. Use Clean Water: Mix Geolife Tabsil Silicone with clean water for optimal effectiveness.

  2. Thoroughly Read the Label: Before use, carefully read and understand the instructions on the product label.

  3. Enhance Results with IFC Super Sticker: To achieve superior results, consistently use IFC Super Sticker with Geolife Tabsil Silicone. 

Also you can watch Video and see Geolife Tabsil Silicone uses in Hindi - 

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
Address: c/o BharatAgri Workflow by OYO, Icon towers, Baner, Pune, MH-411045 Email:

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Durgaprasad Kewte
Good results

Consistent use of Tabsil FA gives immunity to the plant and hence reduces chemical spray leading to residue free production.

prashant jadhav
best product

it is useful in all crops for keeping the plant healthy and tolerant to biotic and abiotic result of this product . Thanks Bharat Agri....

Dhanashri Kharmale

हे प्रॉडक्ट पिकावरील ताण कमी करते आणि पिकाची प्रतिकारशक्ती वाढवते

Satish Sonawane

माझा टोमॅटो पिकावर ट्रेस आला होता तेव्हा मी भारत आग्री मधील कृषी डॉक्टरला विचारले .त्यांना मला हे टॅबसील हे प्रॉडक्ट सुचवले आणि मला याचा खूप फायदा झाला .

Wonderful offer

मैने प्याज उपयोग किया हैं इसका पत्तियों के खिंचाव को बढ़ाकर और चूसने वाले कीट संक्रमण के प्रतिरोध में सुधार करके पत्तियों की सतह पर उत्कृष्ट काम करता है धन्यवाद भारत Agri 🌾 🌴🌴

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