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Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide

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The Swadheen fungicide is formulated with a combination of Tebuconazole (10%) and Sulphur (65% WG) chemicals. When applied, Swadheen induces a phytotonic effect in crops, enhancing both yield and the overall quality of the produce.

✅ Short Description About Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide

Here, you can find information about Swadhin fungicide 

Product Name 


Product Content 

Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG

Mode of Action

Contact, Systemic & Vapour.


Excel Sumitomo



Product Dose 

2.5 gm/litre. 

40 gm/Pump (15 litre pump)

500 gm/Acre Spray (200 litre water).

✅ Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide Description

Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide is a highly effective and innovative solution for crop protection. With a unique formulation comprising 10% Tebuconazole and 65% Sulphur, it offers superior control against a wide range of fungal diseases. This fungicide ensures optimal crop health and yield, making it a trusted choice for farmers seeking reliable and sustainable agricultural solutions.

✅ Excel Sumitomo swadhin fungicide content/Composition

Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG is a potent fungicide blend, meticulously crafted to provide effective control against a spectrum of fungal diseases. 

✅ Features & Benefits of Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide

Here are some swadhin fungicide benefits and features. 

  1. Dual Action Formula: Combines Tebuconazole (10%) and Sulphur (65%) for comprehensive fungal protection.
  2. Broad Spectrum Control: Effectively targets a wide range of fungal diseases, providing versatile protection for crops.
  3. Water Dispersible Granules (WG): Easy to mix and apply, ensuring convenient and efficient application.
  4. High Purity Tebuconazole: Ensures potent antifungal action against various pathogens, promoting crop health.
  5. Sulphur Boost: Sulphur component aids in preventing and controlling fungal infections while promoting overall plant vigor.
  6. Rainfast: Withstands rainfall after application, maintaining effectiveness and reliability in diverse weather conditions.
  7. Systemic Action: Translocates within the plant system, reaching different parts for thorough protection against fungal diseases.
  8. Optimal Disease Management: Effectively controls and manages fungal diseases, contributing to increased crop yields.
  9. Enhanced Crop Quality: Promotes healthier plants, leading to improved crop quality and marketable produce.
  10. Cost-Effective Solution: Dual formulation provides comprehensive protection, potentially reducing the need for multiple products.
  11. Long-lasting Protection: Residual activity ensures prolonged defense, reducing the frequency of applications.

✅ Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide Uses & Dosage

Here are the recommended swadhin fungicide dosages for various crops. Please read swadheen fungicide uses carefully and apply accordingly: 

Crops Name 

Target disease 

Dose / Acre


Powdery mildew & Fruit rot

500 gm


Leaf spot & Pod blight

500 gm


Powdery Mildew

300 gm

✅ Swadheen fungicide Mode of Action  

Tebuconazole acts as a systemic fungicide, disrupting fungal cell membrane integrity and inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis, while Sulphur, an essential nutrient for plants, contributes to disease prevention by creating an unfavorable environment for fungal growth through its fungicidal properties.

✅ How to Use Swadheen fungicide (tebuconazole sulphur)

Here are the steps to use Swadheen fungicide (tebuconazole sulphur). Please read them carefully and follow the instructions:

  • Read Label Instructions: Carefully read the instructions on the product label before using Swadhin fungicide (tebuconazole 10 sulphur 65 wg).
  • Wear Protective Kit: Wear the right protective gear, like gloves and goggles, while applying Swadhin fungicide (tebuconazole sulphur).
  • Accurate Mixing: Mix Swadhin fungicide (tebuconazole 10 sulphur 65 wg) accurately according to the recommended dose to ensure effectiveness.
  • Optimal Weather Conditions: Apply Swadhin fungicide (tebuconazole sulphur) during favorable weather conditions, avoiding windy or rainy days for better results.

Also you can watch Video and see Swadhin fungicide (tebuconazole 10 sulphur 65 wg) uses in hindi -  

✅Excel Sumitomo Swadheen Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG Fungicide  Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the use of Swadheen fungicide?

A- Swadheen fungicide is utilized to control fungal diseases in crops, ensuring healthier growth and improved yield without compromising on environmental safety.

Q. What is the technical name of Swadhin fungicide?

A- Swadin fungicide content or Swadhin fungicide technical is Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG. 

Q. What is the content of Swadhin fungicide?

A- SSwadin fungicide content or Swadin fungicide technical is Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG.

Q. What is the mode of action of tebuconazole sulphur fungicide?

A- The mode of action of tebuconazole sulphur fungicide is Contact, Systemic & Vapour.

Q. What diseases does Swadheen Fungicide control?

A- Swadheen fungicide used to control Powdery mildew in Chilli and Mango, Leaf spot & Pod blight in Soybean. 

Q. Is Excel Sumitomo Swadheen suitable for all crops?

A- Yes, Excel Sumitomo Swadheen is suitable for all crops. 

Q. Can Swadheen fungicide be used for preventive or curative purposes?

A- Swadheen fungicide can be utilized for both preventive and curative purposes in plant protection.

Q. What is the tebuconazole sulphur price?

A-  You can check swadheen fungicide price or swadhin fungicide 1kg price on top of this page.

Q. What is the swadhin fungicide dose?

A-  Swadhin fungicide dose is 40 gm per 15 liters of water.



Seller : Sanjay Brothers
GST : Registered
Address: c/o - LeanCrop Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd EFC Prime, Sharayu Harmony, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway Baner, Pune - 411045

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