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Cultar Syngenta Plant Growth Regulator

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Cultar Syngenta Product Description:

Syngenta's Cultar Paclobutrazol 23% SC is a trusted plant growth regulator renowned for its effectiveness in promoting healthy plant growth and development. With its precise formulation, it offers growers a reliable solution to manage plant height and enhance crop quality. Cultar's innovative technology ensures optimal performance, making it a preferred choice for farmers seeking to maximize yields and achieve consistent results in their fields.

Product Name


Product Content

Paclobutrazol 23% SC




Plant Growth Regulator


Mango, Pomegranate, Apple and Cotton

Mode of Action


Product Dose 

0.3 ml/litre. 

5 ml/Pump (15 litre pump)

50 ml/Acre Spray. (Except Mango, Pomegranate and Apple)

Syngenta Cultar Paclobutrazol 23% SC Plant Growth Regulator

Cultar Content/ ingredients/ Chemical Composition:

Syngenta's Cultar PGR for flowering boasts a unique composition featuring Paclobutrazol at a concentration of 23% SC, ensuring optimal growth and development for plants. This scientifically formulated solution offers effective regulation, promoting healthier and more robust plant growth.

Features & Benefits: 

  1. Regulated Height: Controls excessive vegetative growth, leading to compact and manageable plant stature.
  2. Increased Yield: Promotes flowering and fruiting, resulting in higher yield production.
  3. Improved Stress Tolerance: Enhances the plant's ability to withstand environmental stresses such as drought and salinity.
  4. Consistent Performance: Provides reliable and consistent results across various crops and conditions.
  5. Long-lasting Effect: Offers prolonged activity, ensuring sustained growth regulation throughout the crop cycle.
  6. Cost-effective: Optimizes input costs by reducing the need for additional pruning and maintenance.
  7. Easy Application: Convenient formulation for easy handling and application, ensuring efficient usage.
  8. Safe for Use: Exhibits low toxicity to humans, animals, and the environment when used as directed.


Here are the Cultar Syngenta uses and dosage for various crops:


Usage l Age of tree


Water (l)

Method Of Application


Age 7-15 years

Age 16-25 years

Age 25 years

15 ml

20 ml

25-40 ml

5 - 10 litres for mature tree

Recommended as Soil drench (Single application) for mature mangoes only (at least 7 years old). Recommended quality of Paclobutrazol to be diluted in clean water of (5-10 Litres) and applied in furrow 5cm to 10 an deep, about 30 cm away from the trunk. Fill up with soil after application or apply as soil-collardrench.Applied after the hanrestof fruit.Any time from Julyto Oct. will be ideal.


To induce flowering and enhance yield

30 ml / tree


Recommended as Soil drench (Single application) Ring form furrowto be tree made at a depth of 5-7 cm around plants and soil drenching to be done in active rootzone and covered with soil.


To induce flowering and enhance yield

10 ml/tree


Recommended as Soil drench (Single application) Treatment solution to be drenched in soil in circular area 25 cm away from tree stern (Dormant stage)


To restrict vegetative growth shedding of squares/ balls & enhance yield



First foliar spray at 55-65 days after sowing followed by another spray at 20-25 days after first spray (max. two applications) by high volume shedding of squares/ knapsack sprayer.

Mode of Action:

Paclobutrazol 23 sc is a Syngenta plant growth regulators that operates by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, promoting compact growth and enhancing stress tolerance in plants, ensuring healthier and more robust crops.

How to Use Cultar Plant Growth Regulator?

  1. Use Clean Water: Mix Syngenta Cultar with clean water for optimal effectiveness.
  2. Follow Recommended Cultar Dosage: Adhere to the recommended dose for safe and efficient application.
  3. Thoroughly Read the Label: Before use, carefully read and understand the instructions on the product label.
  4. Enhance Results with IFC Super Sticker: To achieve superior results, consistently use IFC Super Sticker with Syngenta Cultar.


Q: What is Syngenta Cultar used for?

A: Syngenta Cultar is used as a plant growth regulator to promote compact growth and enhance stress tolerance in crops.

Q: What is the dose of Cultar syngenta?

A: Cultar syngenta dose is 5 ml per 15 litre water for spray and dose of cultar for mango 15 to 25 ml per tree for drenching. 

Q: What is the price of Syngenta Cultar 1 Litre?

A: BharatAgri offers the best prices on Syngenta plant growth regulators; please visit our official website or mobile app for the discounted Cultar price.


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