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Bayer Foost Atrazine 50% WP
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Bayer Foost Atrazine 50% WP Selective Herbicide For Maize And Sugarcane Crops

Bayer Foost Herbicide (Atrazine 50% WP) A pre- and post-emergence selective systemic herbicide. It is used to manage both annual grass and broadleaf weeds. It is primarily absorbed by the roots and foliage. It prevents photosynthesis and disrupts other enzymatic functions. It is used in tandem with other herbicides.

Use of a foost herbicide to suppress Trianthema mongyna Echinocloa spp., Elusine spp., Xanthium strumarium, Digitaria arvensis In maize, Brachiaria sp., Digitaria sp., Amaranthus viridies, Cleome viscosa, and Polgygonum sp. Partulaca oleracea, Digitaria sp., Boerhavia diffusa, Euphorbia sp., and Polgygonum sp. Tribulus terrestris in sugarcane  crop.

Bayer Foost Atrazine works by binding to the plastoquinone-binding protein in photosystem II, which is absent in mammals. Starvation and oxidative damage produced by malfunctions in the electron transport mechanism cause plant death.

What is Atrazine 50% WP?

Atrazine is a systemic chlorinated triazine herbicide used to eliminate annual grasses and broadleaf weeds before they emerge. Pesticides containing atrazine are approved for use on a variety of agricultural crops, with the most common being field corn, sweet corn, sorghum and sugarcane.

Description - Bayer Foost Herbicide (Atrazine 50% WP)

➜ Foost herbicide is both broad-spectrum and selective.
➜ Foost is a systemic herbicide that kills weeds by interfering with photosynthesis and enzyme function.
➜ Foost is a pre- and post-emergence herbicide used in sugarcane and maize to reduce annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.
➜ Foost includes 50% wettable atrazine powder.
➜ Foost herbicide is a member of the chloro-triazine chemical class.
➜ Foost herbicide is rapidly absorbed by treated plants' leaves and roots.
➜ Foost herbicide travels acropetally through the xylem and accumulates in the growth sites.
➜ Foost herbicide is compatible with other herbicides that are routinely used.

Recommended Crop - Maize, Sorghum and Sugarcane.

Dose - Bayer Foost Herbicide (Atrazine 50% WP)
2.5 gm/Liter water
40 gm/Pump (15L pump)
400 gm/Acre Spray

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