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Anand Agro Dr. Bacto's Bactomine
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Anand Agro Dr. Bacto's Bactomine, Liquid Biofertilizer.

Description -
Dr. Bacto's Bactomine is liquid biofertilizer which is prepared by biological fermentation process and having NPK consortium with agriculturally important enzymes and secondary metabolites.

Mode of action -
The microbial consortium provides essential nutrients and secondary metabolites required by crop for its growth while enzymes help platis to utilize the nutrients easily.

Method of application - Seed treatment, Drenching/ Drip through.
Dose - 2-2.5 litre per acre through drip/ drenching,
15-20 ml per kg of seed.

Benefits -
It provides essential nutrients and enzymes like cellulase, protease, amylase and invertase along with other plant growth promoting secondary metabolites required for better crop yield and soil conditioning.

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