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इनजीन ओमाइसिन कवकनाशी | Ingene Omycin Fungicide
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Description -
Chemical composition - Kasugamycin 3% SL.

Mode of action -
1. Omycin on application is easily soaked by leaf tissues and rushes at very high speed to vital plant parts.
2. This reduces bacterial growth and reproduction due to lack of proteins.

Method of application - Spraying, Drenching.
Dose - 2 ml per litre of water,
30 ml per 15 litre pump.
400 ml per acre through drenching.

Benefits -
1. It shows lowest residual efficacy.
2. Omycin doubles the fungicide effect by strong preventive and curative action, thus strongly inhibits hyphal growth.
3. Omycin has no phytotoxicity on most of the crops at recommended doses.
4. Omycin acts as an inhibitor of protein biosynthesis in micro organisms but not to non target pest.

Specially used in paddy crops for the control of blast disease.

Recommended crops - All vegetables.

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