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Sumitomo Hoshi Gibberellic Acid 0.001% (1+1 Combo)

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✅  Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter (1+1 Combo) -

Sumitomo Hoshi Gibberellic Acid 0.001% is a cutting-edge organic solution engineered to optimize plant growth and cellular development. With its advanced formula, it enhances plant metabolism, leading to robust leaf, flower, and fruit development across various crops. Experience a significant boost in both yield and quality of crop produce with Hoshi.

✅ Short Description about Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter -
Here, you can find information about Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter in short

Product Name Hoshi
Product Content Gibberellic Acid 0.001%
Mode of Action Systemic
Brand Sumitomo
Category Plant Growth Promoter
Product Dose 2 ml/litre.
30 ml/Pump (15 litre pump)
300 ml/Acre Spray.

✅ Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter Description -

Sumitomo Hoshi Gibberellic Acid 0.001% is a remarkable plant growth regulator known for fostering rapid and even plant development. Its unique formulation boosts plant immunity, fortifying them against harsh weather conditions and harmful organisms, thereby reducing potential damage. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in averting premature flower and fruit drop, ensuring better yield and prolonged flowering periods. By enhancing photosynthesis, it optimizes the plant's ability to convert light into energy, promoting overall health and vigor. Notably, it also facilitates increased internodal length, contributing to more robust and resilient plant structures.

✅ Sumitomo Hoshi Plant Growth Promoter Content/Technical Content/ Chemical Composition -

Sumitomo Hoshi Plant Growth Promoter, a meticulously formulated blend enriched with Gibberellic Acid (0.001%) for enhanced plant growth. Complemented by a synergistic mix of Hydrolyzed Protein, Marina Brown Algae Extracts, Ferrous Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, and Manganese Sulphate, fostering robust and healthy plant development. Unlock the full potential of your crops with this comprehensive solution.

✅ Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter Mode of Action -

Sumitomo Hoshi, containing 0.001% Gibberellic Acid, enhances plant growth through its unique mode of action, stimulating cell elongation and division for improved development and yield, all while ensuring optimal plant health and vigor.

✅ Features & Benefits of Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter -
Here are some Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter benefits and features.

➜ High-Quality Formulation: Sumitomo Hoshi contains Gibberellic Acid 0.001%, a potent plant growth promoter derived from natural sources, ensuring the highest quality for plant application.
➜ Enhanced Growth: Stimulates cell elongation and division, promoting robust growth in various plant species, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.
➜ Increased Yield: Facilitates uniform flowering and fruit set, leading to higher crop yields and improved productivity for farmers and gardeners alike.
➜ Improved Plant Health: Strengthens plant immunity against diseases and environmental stressors, enhancing overall plant health and resilience.
➜ Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Optimizes nutrient absorption by roots, ensuring efficient utilization of fertilizers and nutrients for maximal plant growth and development.
➜ Versatile Application: Suitable for use in various growth stages, from seedling establishment to fruit development, providing continuous support throughout the plant's life cycle.
➜ Environmentally Friendly: Made from naturally occurring compounds, Sumitomo Hoshi poses minimal risk to the environment and is safe for use in organic farming practices.
➜ Proven Results: Backed by extensive research and field trials, Sumitomo Hoshi has consistently demonstrated its efficacy in promoting healthy growth and maximizing crop yields.
➜ Cost-Effective: Offers a cost-efficient solution for growers seeking to optimize plant growth and maximize their return on investment in crop production.

✅ Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter Uses & Dosage -

Here are the recommended Sumitomo Hoshi dosages for various crops. Please read Sumitomo Hoshi uses carefully and apply accordingly:

Crop Time Of Application
Dose / 200 L Water per Acre
Brinjal First Spray: 34 DAP.
Second Spray: 70 DAP.
Third Spray: 105 DAP.
180 ml
Okra First Spray: 34 DAP.
Second Spray: 70 DAP.
Third Spray: 105 DAP.
180 ml
Paddy Short duration verieties: 20-25 DAT.
Medium duration varieties: 30-35 DAT.
Long duration varieties: 40-45 DAT.
72 ml
Grape First Spray: At 30-35 days after pruning.
Second Spray: During the match head stage.
72 ml
Cotton First Spray: 40-45 DAP.
Second Spray: At the time of boll formation.
72 ml
Sugarcane First Spray: 40-45 DAP.
Second Spray: 75-80 DAP.
108 ml
Cabbage & Cauliflower First Spray: 45 DAS.
Second Spray: 65 DAS.
72 ml
Groundnut First Spray: At 30-35 days after sowing.
Second Spray: At the time of flowering.
40 ml
Banana First Spray: 3rd Month.
Second Spray: 5th Month.
108 ml
Mulbery First Spray: 15-20 days after harvest.
Second Spray: 25-30 days after first spray.
180 ml

Dose Acre
250 ml × 2 1 Acre
250 ml × 4 2 Acre
250 ml × 8 2.5 Acre

✅ How to Use Sumitomo Hoshi (Gibberellic Acid 0.001%) Plant Growth Promoter -
Here are the steps to use Sumitomo Hoshi. Please read them carefully and follow the instructions:

➜ Use Clean Water: Use clean water when mixing this Sumitomo Hoshi for optimal effectiveness.
➜ Follow Recommended Dosage: Always adhere to the recommended dose of the Sumitomo Hoshi for safe and efficient application.
➜ Thoroughly Read the Label: Prior to use, carefully read and understand the instructions provided on the product label.
➜ Enhance Results with IFC Super Sticker: To achieve superior results, consistently use IFC Super Sticker with Sumitomo Hoshi.

Also you can watch Video and see Sumitomo Hoshi uses in hindi -

Seller : Pawan Kumar
GST : Registered
c/o - LeanCrop Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
EFC Prime, Sharayu Harmony, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway
Baner, Pune - 411045

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