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Groundnut Badhat Kit - Yield Booster (70-100 days)
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Groundnut Badhat Kit - Yield Booster (70-100 days) : Mahadhan 00:00:50 (1 kg) + Anand Agro Sea Ruby (250 gm) + Anand agro Wet Gold (25 ml)

How to increase the yield -
1. Varieties that are high yielding with high resistance to pests and diseases should be selected.
2. High clay content and heavy black soils are not suitable for cultivating groundnut crops.
3. 4-5 tons/acre of fully decomposed organic manure should be applied in the last ploughing operation.
4. Irrigation through sprinklers allows saving the water up to 25% and also increases the yields.

Benefits of this kit -
1. This kit helps to increase the yield of groundnut.
2. Mahadhan 00:00:50 this will give better result and excellent yield in all crops.
3. Sea Ruby increases nutrient uptake by the crops, increases crop growth and yield.

Constituents -
Mahadhan 00:00:50
Type: Nutrient
Dosage: 1 kg per Acre
Mode of Application: Spray

Anand Agro Sea Ruby: Seaweed Extract
Type: Nutrient
Dosage: 200 gm per Acre
Mode of Application: Spray

Anand agro Wet Gold: Sticker
Type: Sticker
Dosage: 25 ml per Acre
Mode of Application: Spray

Helps in - Increasing the yield of crop
Suitable Crop - Groundnut.

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
Address: c/o BharatAgri Workflow by OYO, Icon towers, Baner, Pune, MH-411045 Email:

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Durgaprasad Kewte
Best results

भारत अग्री कंपनी के माध्यम से मे खेती कर रहा हु ओर इन दवाई को डालने से मुझे अच्छा उत्पादन मिला

sanket jadhav

मला वेळेवर उत्पादन मिळाले आणि त्याचा पिकालाही फायदा झाला.

Ravi Upadhyay
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