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Green Revolution Funnel Trap + Sugarcane ESB Lure
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Green Revolution Funnel Trap + Sugarcane ESB Lure for the control of early shoot borer.

Descrition -
Funnel trap are made only virgin material for long shelf life, attraction and trapping maximum number of insect.

Details of lure -
Control: Chilo infuscatellus (Sugarcane Early shoot Borer)
Host Crop: Sugar-cane
Per Acre Use: Funnel Trap with ESB Lure10-15/ acre for Monitoring.

Benefits -
1. Reduces the Applications of Harmful Pesticide.
2. Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage.
3. If used properly can detect low numbers of insects.
4.Specially designed trap for all Moths(Lepidoptera).
5. Helps in reducing the damage to the crop.

Note - 2 Lure available in 1 packet.

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