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Grape Suraksha Kit - Flea Beetle (Bud Initiation)
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Grapes Flea Beetle Suraksha Kit: Bayer Confidor (100 ml), Anand agro Wet Gold (25 ml)

🌱 We are going to know how to control the fly in the grape crop👍
In the vineyard, after October pruning, the infestation of Flea Beetle is observed. Earlier, fly mite infestation was seen only on young shoots. But in the last few years, the infestation of Flea Beetle along with the young shoots, it has now started appearing on grape bunches and beads. Due to this, it is necessary to plan the entire fruit pruning season in terms of control management of this pest.

Problem :
1. At the time of pruning, the quantity of this pest is usually high. This pest attacks the new shoots in the morning, evening and at night.
2. They eat fine shoots, young shoots, young shoots, leaves and bunches. New growth dries up, falls off. Round-oblong holes occur on the leaves.
3. If the infestation is more, only the veins of the leaves remain. Larvae feed on roots. Due to this, the vine leaves turn yellow and fall off.
4. It is reported that up to 50 percent of the vineyard has been damaged by insect infestation.

Preventive control
1. The soil should be screened from time to time so that the larvae and cells are exposed to sunlight.
2. Keep the garden clean during pruning. Do not allow grass to grow on the boda. Fallen, dried leaves should be collected and destroyed outside the garden.
3. After pruning in October, remove the loose bark on the vine trunk and on the border.
4. Drenching of EPN should be done in soil for biological control. Then water the garden again.

Chemical control:
After pruning, preventive spraying of lambda cyhalothrein (4.9 percent CS) at 100 ml per acre should be done at the eye swelling stage or at the budding stage. This spray also helps in controlling mealybugs, mealybugs and thrips.

Apart from this, you can use BharatAgri's Grapes Flea Beetle Suraksha Kit for fly control.

Grape Flea Beetle Suraksha Kit:
1. Bayer Confidor: Imidacloprid 200 SL (17.8 % w/w) ||
Type: Insecticide || Dosage: 100 ml per acre || Mode of Application: Spray
2. Anand Wet Gold Anand Wet Gold: Sticker || Type: Sticker || Dosage: 25 ml per acre || Mode of Application: Spray

Method of use - Mix well in 150 -200 liters of water and spray it in one acre of crop.

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