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Cropex Calnitra - Mg
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Cropex Calnitra - Magnesium, Calcium Nitrate Fortified With Magnesium.

Description -
Chemical composition - Calcium-15%, Nitrogen-10%, Magnesium-2%.

Method of application - Spray, Soil application.
Dose - Field crops, Vegetables & Pulses: 4-5ml per litre of water,
Spices, Fruit & Flower Crops: 6-7ml per litre of water.

Benefits -
1. It is a suspension of calcium nitrate fortified with magnesium.
2. Synergistic combination of Calcium and Magnesium with Nitrates is useful to promote healthy vegetative growth, strong fruit setting and qualitative fruit growth.
3. Helps in healthy cell walls and high chlorophyll production.
4. The product is recommended from early flowering and until end of fruit growth stages.
5. Prevents and cures magnesium deficiencies.

Recommended crops - All crops.

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