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Cabage and Cauliflower Badhat Kit - Root Growth (0-10 days)
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Cabage and Cauliflower Badhat Kit - Root Growth (0-10 days) : Yogdaan Master Root (250 gm) + Anand agro Dr.Bacto’s Combo (1 Litre)

Description -
1. When a seed matures into a young plant, it enters the seedling stage.
2. At this stage, the plant generates or develops young leaf-like structures, young root-like structures, and juvenile stem-like structures.
3. The plant relies on the nourishment provided by the seed during the seedling stage.
4. The tiny embryonic leaves, shoots, and leaves are still not fully matured enough to create food on their own.

Benefits of this kit -
1. This kit helps in improving root development and crop growth in cabbage and cauliflower crops.
2. This kit increases yield by 10-15% in crops.
3. The use of this kit gives a benefit of up to 5-6 thousand in cabbage and cauliflower crops.
4. Root master improves microbial growth in the root zone.
5. Dr. Bactos combo increases the availability of primary nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Constituents -
Yogdaan Master Root: Potassium Humate
Type: Nutrient
Dosage: 250 gm
Mode of Application: Drip/Drenching

Anand agro Dr.Bacto’s Combo: NPK Bacteria
Type: Nutrient
Dosage: 1 liter
Mode of Application: Drip/Drenching

Helps in - White root growth and increases the availability of primary nutrients.
Suitable crop - Cabbage and Cauliflower.

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
Address: c/o BharatAgri Workflow by OYO, Icon towers, Baner, Pune, MH-411045 Email:

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