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Anand Agro Instacheal Mangnese 12%
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Anand Agro Instacheal Mangnese 12%, EDTA Chealated Mangnese Micronutrients.

Description -
Chemical composition - EDTA Chilated Manganese 12%.
Method of application - Spraying.
Dose - 0.5-1 gm per litre of water,
15 gm per 15 litre pump.

Mode of Action -
1. Chelated Micro Nutrient Fertilizers are important for physiological & biochemical processes of the plants.
2. Manganese is an essential nutrient of plant and requires for healthy and faster growth of crop.
3. Manganese is part of certain enzyme systems in plant, it also increases the chlorophyll synthesis which results in higher yield.
4. It also increases the availability of Potash and Calcium.

Benefits -
1. Functions as a part of certain enzyme systems.
2. Aids in chlorophyll synthesis.
3. Increases the availability of Potash and Calcium.

Recommended crops - Vegetables, Fruits and other crops.

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