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Anand Agro Insta Potassium Molybdate
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Insta Potassium Molybdate An Essential Nutrient Of Plant, Contain Potash.

Description -
1. Potassium Molybdate is an essential nutrient of plants and requires for the healthy and faster growth of plants.
2. It helps in the formation of legume nodules which play a vital role in nitrogen fixation.
3. It helps to increase the health, quality & yield of the crop.
4. For the best results use Potassium Molybdenum as directed or as per the requirement of your crops.

Method of application - Spraying, Drip application.
Dose - 0.25 gm per litre of water spraying,
125-250 gm per acre through drip.

Benefits -
1. Potassium Molybdate is involved in symbiotic N-fixation and protein synthesis in crops.
2. Aids in the formation of legume nodules.
3. It helps to reduce the deficiency of potash in crops.

Recommended crops - All crops.

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