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Anand Agro Dr. Grow (Gibberellic Acid 0.001% SP)
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Anand Agro Dr. Grow (Gibberellic Acid 0.001% SP), Highly Effective Plant Growth Regulator.

Description -
Dr. Grow is a metabolic enhancer containing gibberellic acid 0.001% SP which stimulates plant growth and also improves plant physical efficiency and enhances crop yield and quality.

Method of application - Spraying.
Dose - 1.5-2 ml per litre of water,
25-30 ml per 15 litre pump.

Benefits -
1. Increases crop growth and crop yield.
2. Improves crop health and sustainable productivity.
3. Dr. Grow enhances photosynthesis and plant metabolism.
4. Increases cell growth in stalks, leaves and roots.
5. Reduces flowering and fruiting and enhances product quality.
6. Promotes flowering, increases fruit as well as crop yield.
7. It improves micro nutrient and water uptake through root initiation and development.
8. Increases the activity of soil micro-organisms and uptake high nutrients.

Recommended crops - All vegetables, fruits & other Crops.

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