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YaraTera Krista Mono ammonium phosphate 12:61:00
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YaraTera Krista Mono ammonium phosphate 12:61:00 fully water-soluble nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer.

YaraTera KRISTA MAP (NPK 12-61-0 Fertilizer) is a water-soluble nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer. It is a fine crystalline powder that dissolves rapidly in water and leaves no residues. YaraTera KRISTA MAP is suitable for use in all fertigation systems, including hydroponics, trickle systems, low-throw sprinklers, center pivots, and spray units.

It is a water-soluble monoammonium phospate complex fertilizer with a phosphorus/nitrogen ratio of 12:61:00. The phosphorus and nitrogen are soluble and readily accessible. It dissolves quickly in water and leaves no trace. Ammonium and phosphate ions are released quickly upon dissolution and are easily absorbed by plants. This promotes root and shoot development as well as plant health. Phosphorus and nitrogen are fundamental elements of cells and cell organelles, respectively.

They are essential for photosynthesis, the activation of several enzymes needed by plants, and the transfer of energy within the plants. The ammonium ion lowers the pH of the soil encircling the root zone, allowing for faster phosphorus absorption and uptake.

Discription - YaraTera KRISTA MAP (NPK 12-61-0 Fertilizer)

➜ YaraTera Krista MAP (NPK 12-61-0) is a nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer that is completely water soluble.
➜ The nutrients are directly accessible for plant uptake, resulting in rapid and predictable growth responses.
➜ It is not volatile or adsorbs to soil particles, so it is easily available to plants.
➜ Most horticultural and high-value agricultural crops favor this nitrogen source.
➜ It increases the absorption of the cations potassium, calcium, and magnesium by the plant.
➜ High phosphorus levels in the soil at the time of planting or transplanting help root growth.
➜ YaraTera Krista MAP is perfect for hydroponic applications. Because it includes ammonium nitrogen, its use should be limited to one-tenth of the total nitrogen in the formulation.
➜ YaraTera KRISTA MAP's phosphorus component buffers fertigation solutions, maintaining the pH stable at around 4.5.
➜ Except for soluble calcium fertilizers and concentrated magnesium solutions, YaraTera Krista MAP can be combined with any water-soluble fertilizer.
➜ Chlorine, salt, and heavy metals are not present in YaraTera Krista MAP.

Dose - YaraTera KRISTA MAP (NPK 12-61-0 Fertilizer)

2 Kg/Acre Drip/Drenching

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