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मक्का बढ़त किट - विकास (10 - 30 दिन) | Maize Badhat Kit - Growth (10 - 30 days)
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Maize Badhat Kit - Growth (10 - 30 days) : Geolife Nano 19:19:19 (200 gm) + Anand agro Sea ruby (250 gm) + Anand agro Wet Gold (25 ml)

Description -
1. In Maize crop, apply NPK fertilizers as per soil test recommendation.
2. Nitrogen fuels growth and crop yield.
3. Phosphate improves root growth and crop establishment.
4. Potassium deficiency restricts grain yield and quality.

Benefits and features of this kit -
1. Nano 19:19:19 is required for vegetative growth in plants and increases growth, yield and improves the product quality.
2. Sea ruby reduces Biotic and Abiotic Stress, Helps in plant defense mechanism, Develops immunity in the plant to resist the virus, pathogen, or fungal attack, Enhances the uptake of nutrients.
3. Anand wet Gold is Silicon based high quality technical super spreader.

Constituents -
Geolife Nano 19:19:19
Type: Nutrient
Dosage: 200 gm per Acre
Mode of Application: Spray

Ananad Agro Sea Ruby : Sea weed extract
Type: Growth
Dosage: 200 gm per Acre
Mode of Application: Spray

Anand agro Anand Wet Gold: Sticker
Type: Sticker
Dosage: 25 ml per Acre
Mode of Application: Spray

Helps In - Increase growth of crop
Suitable Crop -

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
Address: c/o BharatAgri Workflow by OYO, Icon towers, Baner, Pune, MH-411045 Email:

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