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Dow Miraculan Plant Growth Regulator
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Dow Miraculan Triacontanol 0.05% EC Plant Growth Regulator, Use For Flowering For All Crops.

Description -
1. Dow Miraculan Triacontanol 0.05%EC Plant growth regulator is also used for flowering for all crops.
2. Miraculan is registered as a plant growth regulator, used for increasing the yields of cotton, potato, chili, tomato, rice, and groundnut.

Chemical composition - Triacontanol 0.05% EC.
Method of application - Spray.
Dose - 0.5 ml per litre of water,
8-10 ml per 15 litre pump.

Mode of action -
Tricontanol in physiological terms is a plant growth regulator that shows its effects by influencing mineral uptake, increasing permeability of water, enhancing the activity of naturally available enzymes and plant hormones, increasing the rate of photosynthesis, and enhancing the synthesis of proteins.

Benefits -
1. Miraculan is based on triacontanol, which is long-chain aliphatic alcohol.
2. It increases the yield of grains, the dry matter content, height of plants, earlier and stronger tillering, longer and better spread of roots, and uniform and early maturity in crops.

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