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Bayer Solomon Insecticide
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Bayer Solomon Beta-Cyfluthrin + Imidacloprid 300 OD (8.49 + 19.81% ww) Insecticides. A broad segment insecticide for sucking pests

Solomon Insecticide contains time-tested imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin in an innovative oil dispersion formulation. It has a combination of systemic and contact properties that give quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects. As a result, it is a broad-spectrum insecticide for sucking and biting pests. The oil dispersion based on the Q-TEC formulation ensures better rainfastness, optimizer retention, and penetration activity.

Mode of action:
Beta-Cyfluthrin is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid group. Beta-Cyfluthrin works through contact and ingestion. It acts on the insects’ nervous system as a sodium channel blocker. In the pest, rapid excitation and impairment of coordination are the first visible symptoms of intoxication, followed by knockdown and death. Imidacloprid is an antagonist to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the central nervous system. It disturbs the proper signal transmission system, leading to the excitation of the nerve cells. Consequently, a disorder of the nervous system occurs, leading finally to the death of the treated insect.

➜ It has systemic and contact properties that provide a rapid knockdown as well as anti-feeding effects.
➜ Suitable for low-volume applications, it has a broad spectrum of control with activity in all insect stages.
➜ The oil dispersion based on the Q-TEC formulation ensures better rainfastness, optimizer retention, and penetration activity.

Crop - Brinjal, Soyabean

Target Pests / Insects - Brinjal (Aphids, jassid, shoot and fruit borer), Soyabean (Girdle Beetle and semi looper)

Dose -

1 ml/Liter water
15 ml/pump (15L pump)
150 ml/Acre Spray

Seller : BharatAgri LLP
GST : Registered
Address: c/o BharatAgri Workflow by OYO, Icon towers, Baner, Pune, MH-411045 Email:

Customer Reviews

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सोलोमन एकदम बढ़िया दवा है इल्ली और सुंडी के लिए। बैगन के लिए बहुत उपयुक्त। मैंने दो बार यहाँ से आर्डर किया है ६ दिन अंदर प्रोडक्ट गांव में मिला।

Durgaprasad Kewte
Best Result

Control all sucking pest and insect all crop

Best Result

Very good product for sucking pests
Cheap in price and high in quality

Bayer is Best

Bayer product quality is very good
It is very effective on the crop
Sucking pests on my tomato are gone
BharatAgri is sending original products

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