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Bayer Antracol (500 gm) + Free Anand agro wet gold (25 ml)
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Bayer Antracol (Propineb 70% WP) Fungicide (500 gm) + Anand agro wet gold - Non Ionic Silicon Spreader(25 ml)

Bayer Antracol (Propineb 70% WP) Contact Fungicide.

Descriptions -
1. Propineb is a polymeric zinc-containing dithiocarbamate.
2. Due to the release of zinc, the application of Antracol results in a greening effect on the crop and subsequent improvement in the quality of produce.

Advantages -
1. Antracol has a broad spectrum of activity
2. Both contact and preventive action.
3. Availability of zinc – positive effect on the crop as a whole and improves the immunity of plants resulting in higher yields and improvement in quality.
Crop - Target Disease -
Apple - Scab, Pomegranate - Leaf and Fruit Spots, Potato - Early and Late Blight, Chilli - Die Back, Tomato - Buck Eye Rot, Grapes - Downy Mildew, Rice Brown - Leaf Spot, Narrow Leaf Spot

Method Of Application - Drip/Drenching/Spraying
Dosage - 3 gm/litre Foliar Spray
400 - 600 grams/acre through drip/drenching

Anand Wet Gold Non Ionic Silicon Spreader.

Benefits -
1. It is cost effective product when used with any pesticides, enzymes and other mixtures of foliar spray solution.
2. It is the only one product which enters into the stomata structure of leaf.
3. Even on the application over smooth leaves, it spreads properly to allow the solution to penetrate.
4. While used with weedicide, it allows weedicide to get penetrated and absorb properly of better results.
5. It also helps fertilizers to be provided into root zone. In stem washing process it allows medicine to get into fruits properly and effectively.

Method of Application - Spraying
Dose - For foliar application 0.1 ml per liter water

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Pankaj singh
बहुत मांगा लोकल सेलेना

550 रुपैया में 1 किलो एंट्राकोल आता है यह कंपनी लोगों को बेवकूफ बनाती है इसके साथ 25 ग्राम 30 ग्राम का सामान डालकर

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